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Top 7 qualities of Software Tester

Top 7 qualities of Software Tester Like a good teacher’s qualities are patience, strong subject knowledge, enjoy teaching, enthusiasm…so on A Software tester too has certain ‘Great Tester’s Qualities’ to become a Great Software Tester. If you think you do not have, Don’t worry! With your will power to become a ‘Great Tester’ these ‘Great […]

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Types of software testing in detail below 1. Black box testing 2. White box testing 3. Unit testing 4. Incremental testing 5. Integration testing 6. Functional testing 7. System testing 8. End-to-end testing 9. Sanity testing 10. Regression testing 11. Acceptance testing 12. Load testing 13. Performance testing 14. Usability testing 15. Install/uninstall testing 16. Recovery […]

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