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Beginner in software testing?

Transformation from a student into a Rock-Star Software Tester


Congratulations! It’s good that you are very clear in how you want to begin your career and its a good idea to pursue a career as a software tester as your first job.

But, one quick question is why have you chosen software testing as your first step?

Is it your passion?

Then, Excellent! Any one who is passionate and very much interested in this field will learn it easily  and can become a ROCKSTAR-SOFTWARE TESTER and can get great jobs in top companies.

You must have heard that a software tester just breaks the build or is a Code breaker, but no! That’s not the aim and goal of testing. One should always have in mind that your aim is to help in releasing a build/application which is PERFECT. Yes in other words you should wear a cap of a perfectionist. We will talk about how the ATTITUDE of the tester should be. For now our goal is to turn into RST(RST=Rockstar-Software-Tester).

You need few weapons to achieve your target.

1st Weapon: Communication skills and analytical skills

For a fresher your ability to process the information, reason, remember, and relate is very important. This ability and communication skills are really really important.

The cognitive skills clubbed with functional knowledge will help in a great launch. You have many activities on the net. Give it a name..say Mission-Cognitive. And like brushing daily work on sharpening your cognitive skills and communication skills. You get into a company. The first part of the Mission is accomplished. (For more help for to improve your communication and analytical skills look into this link)

Good better best..don’t let you rest..till Good becomes Better and Better becomes Best.

Copy this and stick to the study table wall… this will keep you inspired.

2nd Weapon: Certification

You may be an electrical engineer or a mechanical or math graduate. All of you are eligible to become a software tester but, acquiring a certification indicates a professional level of competence in the principles and practices of quality assurance in the IT profession it also ensures potentially more rapid career advancement and the marketability factor.

In short, Certification to show that you are the Rockstar of the testing methodologies

Why Certification? are interested and applied to a company but, How does a company know if you are fit for the position? You don’t have any experience and no one wants to spend time (which is money) on some one whom they don’t know at all. Here comes the CERTIFICATIONS into the picture. Certifications help the beginner to begin career from a great company.certified

Though, its not mandatory at all nor certifications are an entrance test to get into this field, its just a feather in your cap. If you are certified this is a guaranty or a proof that YOU know the basics thoroughly and they need not waste their time by giving you training on basics. Also, this shows your seriousness in your career. And of course, you will get bonus points in the race. Yes? You agree? right!

 So, which certification is good one for a beginner?

These are the most popular Software testing certifications recognized around the world.

As of now ISTQB and CSTE are the very very popular certifications for beginners. When choosing a certification select the one which is valid through out the world, who knows tomorrow where you might be;)

Whether you enroll for the certification or no, it is better you familiarize your self and also understand the methodologies that are explained in the tutorial of the selected certification in the same order as given. They start from basics. Say, for example you have chosen ISTQB, when you are reading the material you will come across the word ‘ black box testing technique’. By reading this, you will understand the terminology and techniques. You need not have hands on experience on the topic, but knowing theoretically helps.

Now that you are clear about the need for getting certified, we will proceed to the next weapon that is choosing your specialization.

3rd Weapon: Technically up to-date (learning new tools and technologies)

  • 1 Testing tool(say QTP or Selinium or Loadrunner)
  • 1 database management tool(SQL)
  • 1 Scripting language(say Java Script)
  • 1 Programming language(say JAVA or C)

OK..we’ll go into details

Well, its Testing specialties

If you are aware of your skills and have already decided your choice of specialization, nothing like it. But, if you have not decided then, you can do one thing, open the web site of your DREAM COMPANY and go to CAREERS section. There, search for openings in QA and look into Key skills required section for few of the openings. Similarly, repeat in a couple of JOB SEARCH portals and jot down most wanted skills. Choose which ever is MOST WANTED. And Lo! you have the name of the skill you want to acquire.

Specializations help the tester to take his career to a different level(Preferred but not mandatory at the entry level) If you wanna be a Rockstar, you will have to create a niche in this industry. For that you will have to become a specialist.

You might find different kinds of testing specializations. But all will boil down to only 2 categories Manual and automation. Guys, its like this..people who know Manual testing cannot do Automation. But Testers who learn automation can do manual too. Getting Certified proves that you will be good at Manual testing and processes.

1 Automation tool:


Learn a tool thoroughly, implement that in a project then its easy for you to learn any tool. Similar, is the case with the defect management tools. You learn QC (Quality Center) its easy to understand other Defect management tools.

There are many tools which are selected based the need for the project on hand. You can begin with UFT11.50 (QTP and Service Test together is now called as UFT11.50). QTP has always been in demand.

Then you can proceed with Selenium, which is an open source tool(Open source tools means its a tool which you can download freely and use it). This is a pretty easy tool. You can learn on your own and practice on dummy testing sites which are available on web.

Next LOADRUNNER. This tool is used to test the performance of the software. This also is pretty easy. Actually, as I told you earlier, one tool you learn its easy to compare and learn any tool on earth, lol, I mean, in the software industry.

1 Database management languange:

Gather basic knowledge about where does a Database come into picture. Understand how its managed. Proceed with learning to manage the database with a language(Preferred but not mandatory at the entry level)

The most popular data base is SQL(read sequel- Structured Query Language) this is a special-purpose programming language which is designed for managing database management system. To be more clear, your school has data about all the students like Name, date of birth, course studying, marks etc. All this is stored in a database. SQL is used in Hotels, Railway reservation, banks and every where. Its there even in the android phone that you are using. Hence, you need knowledge about it and mastering would be nothing like it. You can learn and practice it here

1 Scripting language and a programming language

Whats a scripting language? A scripting or script language is a programming language that supports scripts, programs written for a special run-time environment that automate the execution of tasks that could alternatively be executed one-by-one by a human operator(from Wikipedia). JavaScript is the most popular scripting language across a variety of industries. As its used for Back-end and front-end web developing.

Whats a programming language? A programming language is a formal computer language or constructed language designed to communicate instructions to a machine, particularly a computer. Programming languages can be used to create programs to control the behavior of a machine or to express algorithms(from Wikipedia).

In current world JAVA is the most wanted programming language.

All the above info is given after doing a lot of research on the net and job portals.

This is only to guide you the way and direct you. For detailed information about each WEAPON you will have to search and get started.

Good Luck!