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Change Control Board

Configuration management:

Software Configuration management (SCM) is the control, and the recording of, changes that are made to the software and documentation throughout the software development life cycle (SDLC). SCM covers the tools and processes used to control, coordinate and track code, requirements, documentation, problems, change requests, designs, tools, compilers, libraries, patches, and changes made to them, and to keep track of who makes the changes.

Change Control Board:

Software Change Control Board (SCCB) is a committee that makes decisions regarding whether or not proposed changes to a software project should be implemented. In short any changes to the Baseline Requirements agreed with the client, should be taken up by project team on approval from this committee. If any change is agreed by the committee, it is communicated to the project team and client and the requirement is Baselined with the change. The change control board is constituted of project stakeholders or their representatives. The authority of the change control board may vary from project to project, but decisions reached by the change control board are often accepted as final and binding. The decision of acceptance of the changes also depends upon the stage or phase of the project. The main objective of CCB or SCCB is to ensure acceptance of the project (deliverable) by the client.

A typical change control board consists of the development manager, the test lead and a product manager. In few of the cases the client representation is also done in CCB to ensure the acceptance of the deliverable.

A sample CCB Management Attendance, format for a Release as shown below.

Change Management Board:

Chair:                                       JamesN – Present

InfoSec:                                Rahul-Present

QA:                                           Kevin – Present

Release Management:    RLorenzo – Not Present

Client Services:                   Balu T – Not Present

DBA:                                          H Sharama – Not Present

DEV:                                      Richard  – Present

PMO:                                       Jim – Not Present

CM Manager:  Shweta –   Present

Business: Mazahir Ali; Lascelles Lewis

Subject: Change Management Agenda Items for 06.30.11
Importance: High

Change Management Agenda Items are attached.

CRF’s are due Tuesday and Thursday mornings by 8 AM (includes Holidays). Attendance is required if you have submitted a request, are an Implementer, or are on the Change Management Board.   Failure to attend meeting could result in your request being rejected.


LOCATION:                         Conference Bridge Only

DIAL IN:                                954.12345.123

ACCESS CODE:                   954.512. 586

DATE &TIME:                     Every Tuesday & Thursday 11 AM



Upcoming release blackout timeframes as follows:


5pm June 30th thru 8am July 5th

Any production changes which need to occur in those timeframes are assumed to be in response to unplanned events and would be handled through the emergency escalation process.