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Common challenges in Software Testing

Challenges in Software Testing

Multiple Projects under one test team:

Sometimes testers have to handle multiple projects. Challenge to keep track of each task and Communication challenges.

Tight Schedules:

Sometimes you have to work more than the actual working hours to complete the task. There is huge list of tasks that you need to complete within specified time. This includes writing, executing, automating and reviewing the test cases. To deliver the right product in the right time, time management is very important.

Frequent requirement changes by stakeholders, Product Owner:

When the requirements are keep on changing, it is a challenge to track each and every change, Also there is a need to change your test cases and Scripts accordingly.

Lack of time for Regression Test:

Application development methods are changing rapidly, Need to perform Regression test, but there is no time.

Lazy Developers,  Lazy Product Owner:

Developers /Product Owner don’t reply to the emails quickly, takes ages to reply. Product owner takes more time to reply to a concern/question you raised. Developer fix the bug, but there is no notification to the tester.

No Documents:

Inadequate requirements from stakeholders/Project managers,  as few projects doesn’t have BRS or FRS documents, Project managers  used to interact with clients directly & gathered the requirements with no proper document,  sometimes used to give  requirements orally. Due to this testing team had no proper document to refer & need to interaction with project managers/leads on regular basis & gather requirements.

No Automation Tools in your pocket:

If you don’t know the automation tools or Your organization doesn’t provide any tools, it is very difficult. Since preparing testcases, executing testcases, logging defects manually (using Excel Sheets) is difficult. So use tools, improve automation skills gradually.

Lack of knowledge on Technology or Domain:

Knowledge on technology, which the application is developed and what type of errors or bugs can be expected is must. Tester should know the Domain, testers are responsible for communicating with customers for understanding the requirements. Without understanding the requirements, how do you write test cases and how do you log defects?

No Process in the Organization

If there is no process in your organization, Quality maintenance is not easy. There are some myths in testers that they should only go with company processes even these processes are not applicable for their current testing scenario. This results in incomplete and inappropriate application testing.

Lack of experience people in the team:

If your testing team is not balanced with their experience, there must be a gap.

Single tester for entire development team

Some organizations maintain single tester for entire organization or big development teams.

Managing the scripts:

Application development methods are changing rapidly, making it difficult to manage the test tools and test scripts. Test script migration or reuse is very essential but difficult task.

Relationship with Developer:

Sometimes Developer influence the tester, He says that please don’t log the defect, I am going to fix that defect right away..please hold down. Communication skills are very important to a tester.

Compatibility: Nowadays it is very common that the client asks for the Web application that has to work in anything from Windows OS to Mac OS, from Web browser to Mobiles, from Internet Explorer to Safari browsers. This has made the testing more challenging than before.

Performance: “The more the net penetration is taking place the more net traffic is congested”. And now no visitor of a site will wait for a page to load if that exceeds more than 15 seconds, if your site takes more than this time, surely you are out of the business. The Visitor will shut your site once for all. Measuring the performance of the site in terms of server response time for the request has become more vital than before.

Stress testing the sites: Similarly e-commerce sites like Amazon, e-bay get more traffic during the festive times like Christmas, that stresses the server several times than normal times, hence Web testers have to anticipate the amount of traffic in those peak times and stress test the site with untenable loads to simulate those scenarios in order to ensure that the site will not get down and it can handle without any down time.

Since any down time may cause non-compensatory business loss to the Site. At a time when the DotComs have started showing profits in their account books they cannot afford to loose even a penny.

Security: “Is your site Hacker Proof?” – Another major challenge web testers have to face is ensuring the site as “hacker proof” and ensuring all the transactions taking place in the Site are secure. Web testing has to ensure all the data transmitted through the site should be safe and secure.

Data Integrity: The most vulnerable area in E-businesses is the collection and storage of highly valuable customer data. Unless the data stored are correct and accurate the business may run into troubles. Web testing should ensure this data integrity wherever data are used.

Re Usability of Test design: For any project, if the project lifecycle time has to be cut short, more reusable components have to be deployed. Similarly, in Web testing also more reusable test cases should be used as far as possible. However in web applications since every project differs in all aspects of requirements, the scope for reusability will be very much limited.

Test Automation: Automation is the one area where we can reduce the test execution time and can perform regression testing after doing any changes to the code or enhancements. Where as in web applications Creating of test scripts and using them is more challenging than for other applications. Though various tools are available in the market, still web testers are striving hard to find a perfect solution to this.

Though there are many challenges in Web testing, they provide a good opportunity to find a better solution to overcome them and achieve better quality.