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Email validation Test cases

These are most useful email validation test cases which is useful for most of the organizations because most of the websites has login functionality and that website need all email validations.

Valid Email address Reason Valid email Email contains dot in the address field Email contains dot with subdomain Plus sign is considered valid character
email@ Domain is valid IP address
email@[] Square bracket around IP address is considered valid
“email” Quotes around email is considered valid Digits in address are valid Dash in domain name is valid Underscore in the address field is valid .name is valid Top Level Domain name Dot in Top Level Domain name also considered valid (use as example here) Dash in address field is valid
Invalid Email address Reason
plainaddress Missing @ sign and domain
#@%^%#$@#$ Garbage Missing username
Joe Smith <> Encoded html within email is invalid Missing @ Two @ sign Leading dot in address is not allowed Trailing dot in address is not allowed Multiple dots
あいうえお Unicode char as address (Joe Smith) Text followed email is not allowed
email@domain Missing top level domain (.com/.net/.org/etc) Leading dash in front of domain is invalid
email@domain.web .web is not a valid top level domain
email@111.222.333.44444 Invalid IP format Multiple dot in the domain portion is invalid