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Top 7 qualities of Software Tester

Top 7 qualities of Software Tester

Like a good teacher’s qualities are patience, strong subject knowledge, enjoy teaching, enthusiasm…so on


A Software tester too has certain ‘Great Tester’s Qualities’ to become a Great Software Tester. If you think you do not have, Don’t worry! With your will power to become a ‘Great Tester’ these ‘Great Tester’s Qualities’ can be cultivated.

But, first you should know what are these Qualities. Here is the list:

Curious as a child:

The testing aptitude arises with the in-built Curiosity trait. Become more Curios about the working of the product. Become child like. No inhibitions, no fear, JUST ENTHUSIASM and CURIOSITY. Ignite the child in you.

What is this? Why is this like this? How does it work? If I turn it other way, what will happen?……….

Bold and brave as a warrior:

These qualities will take you a long way leading to success. But then, put your thinking cap and analyze the matter before you ask a question. Your questions should not sound innocent. Innocence is not bliss in this case. Analyze the specifications properly. Try to understand by reading multiple times. Your questions should make the other person explain you the answer or working. If the tester is Bold and Brave he will not have fear of asking questions. If some feature is not understood, the tester should be bold to ask questions and brave enough to confirm his understanding. Should not hesitate to ask “Why”s and “Why not”swhy1. Be bold and brave and confident.


stubbornYes, a tester should be stubborn. Whether anyone agrees this or not. Tester’s ought-to-be quality or not, believe me you have to be stubborn. If testers are not stubborn his bugs will never be fixed. That does not mean that developers don’t want to fix the bugs and see a quality product, its only that some feel that they have written a bug less code:) But Guys, you also should know where to let go. This you will know when you understand the difference between PRIORITY and SEVERITY. So, again you have to think in client’s and user’s perspective and decide where you have to be stubborn and how much percentage 😉

Zeal to learn and explore:

 The person should have zeal to learn new things and explore the rest. A tester should absorb knowledge like a sponge. If this attitude is not in-built it can be cultivated.

Communication skills: 

With out strong Communication skills a tester is a dummy. The tester has to communicate or report the defects that he found while testing,  whether verbally or written.


Diplomacy is the key factor in maintaining a healthy relationship between QA team and dev. Nobody likes when you tell out-right, on the face that what they created is wrong. Gone are the days when the testers used to think of only ‘breaking the build’. Now its all team work. Yes, the dev and QA if work as a team only then the project is a super success. But then, the tester should always feel he is the advocate of the user. Which means, he has to think like the end user and talk on behalf or him, in that perspective. And verify and validate the working of the product. You will face scenarios where your views will change the requirements itself. Conditions apply: when you expresses your views DIPLOMATICALLY :)

Love his work:

A software tester should fall in love with testing to rock in his profession. Maybe I  should put this quality first. But then, I know that you are in love testing, that’s the reason you are reading this :) This indeed is a beautiful profession. It is challenging and complex job. If we feel that it is challenging we will never be bored. Yes, one should never be bored. If you love testing you will think of  different angles of testing. As I already told, testing is just not about finding bugs its about working towards the a qualitative end product. Hence, it implies work satisfaction. And a person who gets work-satisfaction will never get bored but will think of growing in the chosen path. That’s the whole point, grow.

Not to forget your team spirit. teamworkHelp other team members in understanding the functionalities or share the authoring or executions. Always remember success of the project is when it is TEAM WORK not if only an individual is successful.

-Good Luck