SQL-Interview Questions and Answers

SQL Interview Questions Part-1   1.What are the most important DDL statements in SQL? CREATE TABLE – creates a new database table ALTER TABLE – alters (changes) a database table DROP TABLE – deletes a database table CREATE INDEX – creates an index (search key) DROP INDEX – deletes an index 2.What Operators used in SELECT […]

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ETL-Testing types- Bugs and Tools

Types of ETL Testing Types ETL Bugs ETL Tools Some Basic SQL commands for ETL Testing Types of ETL testing 1)       Constraint Testing: In the phase of constraint testing, the test engineers identifies whether the data is mapped from source to target or not. The Test Engineer follows the below scenarios in ETL Testing process. […]

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Data Warehouse Testing

Introduction to Data Warehouse Testing 1 What is Warehouse? 2 What is Data Warehouse? 3 Data Warehouse Architecture 4 Importance of Data Warehouse Testing 5 Overview of Data Warehouse Validation 6 Types of Testing carried out in Data Warehouse 7 Testing Strategy followed in Data Warehouse Testing 8 Challenges in Data Warehouse Testing What is Warehouse? […]

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