Performance Testing

Performance testing is a non functional Test. Performance testing is the another simplest form of Load Test. A load test is usually conducted to understand the behavior of the system under a specific expected load. This load can be the expected concurrent number of users on the application performing a specific number of transactions within the set duration.


Important definitions in load test:

Response Time: The time taken by the client from connecting to the Application server under test
until receiving the last byte of the response. In other words, it is the duration from the start of
connection to the end of the response.
Throughput: The average number of bytes per second transmitted from the Application being tested
to the Virtual Clients during the last reporting interval.
Page Download Time: The elapsed time between receiving the first byte and the last byte of the
response, which includes image, script and stylesheet downloads. Indicates the size of the file or
page accessed.

Key Performance Testing Questions:
The primary goal of performance testing is to study application performance under normal load and
heavy load for sustained durations or for short durations. The reports and graphs generated at the
end of the test session should provide answers to the critical questions such as:
1. Is my Test Configuration (duration / iteration setting) appropriate ?
2. Does my web application function properly under given load ?
3. How many Virtual Users were generated by Load Generator ?
4. Does the response times meet my target requirements ?
5. What was the slowest page on my web site ?
6. What was the Page that had longest download time ?
7. How many simultaneous users can my web application handle ?
8. What is the load generated by the virtual users on the network resources ?
9. What is the Performance of my Server and Database during the load test ?

Important Performance Testing Tools:

Jmeter :The Apache JMeter application is open source tool designed to load test functional behavior and measure performance. It was originally designed for testing Web Applications but has since expanded to other test functions.

LoadTracer:LoadTracer is a load testing, stress testing , and performance-testing tool for web applications developed by Trace Technologies Pvt. Ltd., It is very user-friendly tool, Testing is done just like any other load testing tool which is commercially available in the market i.e., recording the script and playback with hundreds of virtual users. HTTP data, Performance data are collected during the test simulation, which is further used with analyzer to generate graphs, reports which can be exported into different formats.

LoadRunner: The LoadRunner script language is ANSI C. It helps to know the C language, but the scripts are generated and manipulated by LoadRunner, so there is usually not need to directly edit the code. There is also a icon script view which completely hides the C code.

Appvance: Appvance UTP is the first unified test automation platform that makes. Continuous Delivery faster, cheaper and better. DevOps moves faster with Appvance UTP.

WebLOAD:WebLOAD is load testing tool, performance testing, stress test web applications. This web and mobile load testing and analysis tool is from RadView Software.

WAPTWAPT is a load and performance testing tool for web sites, applications and services. Available as desktop software (free trial) and on-demand cloud-based .ClickHereToDownload

NeoLoad: The fastest, most automated performance testing solution on the planet. … The fastest performance testing solution just got faster.NeoLoad load and performance testing solution realistically simulates user activity and monitors infrastructure behavior so you can eliminate …

LoadUI:LoadUI NG Pro is hands down the easiest way to run a quick API load test, either against a single web service endpoint or based off of an existing functional API test created in SoapUI NG.

OpenSTA: OpenSTA is a distributed software testing architecture designed around CORBA, it was originally developed to be commercial software by CYRANO. The current toolset has the capability of performing scripted HTTP and HTTPS heavy load tests with performance measurements from Win32 platforms. However, the architectural design means it could be capable of much more.

QEngine (ManageEngine):ManageEngine offers enterprise IT management software, including network management, server, desktop and application management.

Loadstorm:LoadStorm is a SaaS load testing tool. It is on-demand performance testing, load testing, and stress testing for web applications and websites. It facilitates finding …

CloudTest:Test for everything. CloudTest® gives you a powerful, flexible, affordable platform for continuous load testing – including real-time analytics, a visual test creation

Httperf:Httperf is a tool for measuring web server performance. It provides a flexible facility for generating various HTTP workloads and for measuring server .

Loadster:Loadster Performance is the creator of Loadster, a commercial load testing tool to simulate and predict how web applications will behave under heavy load.

LoadImpact:Load test your website, app or API instantly with up to 1.2 million concurrent users

Rational Performance Tester:Rational Performance Tester is a tool for automated performance testing of web and server based applications from the Rational Software division of IBM.

Opensta: AOpenSTA supports the creation of HTTP/S load Tests that include Scripts which supply the load element, and may also include Collectors which are used to